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Global Village

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) coined the term "Global Village" as his vision of every person being connected to every other for social, business and educational benefits.

Although technically the Internet is a network of networks, to the user this distinction is irrelevant since all the services they need from it are available equally.

Still Evolving

Mobile and social networks are relatively new developmetns, but serve to illustrate the internet is constantly changing as it evolves. The Internet is to be the most democratic of all the mass media, because with a very low investment anyone can have a web presence. This way, almost any business can reach a very large market, directly, quickly and economically, no matter the size or location of the business. With a very low investment, almost anybody that can read and write can have access and a presence in the World Wide Web. Blogging has consolidated the social media and the people everywhere are expressing and publishing their ideas and opinions like never before.